JD Sports


JD Sports is one of the leading trainer and sports fashion retailers in the UK, with more than 800 stores across the country.


The requirement 

JD Sports were significantly expanding their distribution warehouse in Rochdale and turned to us because they needed to create a dedicated sheltered smoking area for their staff as part of the project.

They wanted the space to be in proportion to the size of their newly-expanded warehouse.



Size and support were the two most challenging areas with this installation.

The smoking area needed to be large enough to cover the entire outdoor space that ran alongside the expanded warehouse, which spanned 14 by 6 metres. It also needed to incorporate as few supporting posts as possible.


The solution 

We specified our Connekt back to back system because it features central supporting posts and a cantilevered roof that extends in both directions, giving a total span of the required 14 by 6 metres.



JD Sports’ warehouse staff in Rochdale now have a dedicated sheltered smoking spot that they can use during their breaks and at lunch times. The area is also large enough to be used by several people at once.

In fact, JD Sports were so impressed with the finished product and how it ticked all of their boxes, that they ordered a second canopy from us. This canopy is for their main entrance and will be used to shelter staff from the elements as they queue outside to start work during shift changes.


JD Sports Ltd
Michael Faraday Avenue
OL16 4FW

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