Intack Primary School



Intack Primary School is a community primary school, with a mix of different children from different backgrounds and cultures, serving the Whitebirk area of Blackburn. It currently has 300 pupils on roll and a nursery class that caters for 26 children.


The requirement

The existing school design mean that pupils and staff had to go outside to get to the main hall. However, when it rained, pupils and staff got wet and had to spend the rest of the day in wet clothes.

The school wanted a solution that would prevent everybody from getting wet as they made their way to and from the main hall for assembly, PE lessons and at lunch time.



The main challenge we had to overcome was the fact the three access points that were required were positioned really far apart. As a result, our standard Connekt system, the system that we specified, wouldn’t have been able to provide the coverage that was required.

However, due to having our own structural engineer, we were able to easily overcome this challenge by adapting the canopy system. This involved adding additional steelwork to increase the overall projection, which ensured the canopy provided adequate shelter, while still maintaining safety and quality at the same time.


The solution

We chose to install our Connekt canopy system for a number of reasons, including the fact it would provide the required shelter, as well as keep the number of supporting posts that were required, to an absolute minimum.



The school has been provided with a tailored canopy solution that means its pupils and staff no longer end up getting wet in the rain as they walk to and from the main hall.

Ryan Powell, Commercial Sales Executive said: “We’ve set ourselves apart from the competition with our unique cantilever canopy solution.

“Thanks to our Connekt system, not only were we able to provide Intack Primary School with the shelter they required, but offer that risk-free element by not having to place multiple supporting posts into the playground, which are a potential health and safety risk hazard.”

Intack Primary School
Whitebirk Road

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