Hillcrest Leisure Centre


Customer objectives

The leisure centre is used by the adjacent school where we had already done previous work. The leisure centre wanted to provide cover as students and people entered and left the building. They wanted somewhere for students to line up in an orderly fashion before entering the leisure centre on mass, minimising disruption.

Problem solving with the canopy design

The leisure centre was looking for a canopy that would blend in with the environment. The centre did not want posts in the middle of the area as this would bring about obstructions to traffic movement; they also wanted to protect the new tarmac which had just been laid.

Choosing the right product

Our Connekt system was chosen for the reason of being a cantilever design. This design allows for posts at the side, which meant they were towards the fence, leaving the area free flowing for traffic. With the cantilever design it allows for a projected cover of 3.6m, the leisure centre went for 3m as they felt this was sufficient for their requirements.


Installing the canopy

The install took 2 days and mainly consisted of the 1st day digging out the foundations for the posts and putting the post in with concrete and leaving them to set over night. On arriving the next day the beams were connected to the posts, the roofing sheets laid on top and screwed to the beams and finally guttering and fascia fixed.

Interesting facts about the canopy

The canopy also allowed disabled people to access the building undercover as the transportation vehicles could back right up to the front area, where the canopy was installed.

If you need a bespoke canopy such as the one above for your leisure centre or your school, then have a look at our range of walkway canopies.

Hillcrest Leisure Centre
West Midlands

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