Hillcrest High School


Customer objective

Hillcrest School was looking for an entrance canopy for its main entrance.  The objective was to create a modern looking cover which would achieve two goals. The first was that when visitors arrived down the path towards the school, they would immediately know where the entrance was with the canopy taking centre stage. Secondly, and most importantly, they wanted to create a covered area so students, staff and visitors had protection from the weather as they were gaining access to the building.

Problem solving with the canopy design

As visitors walked up to the school which had recently been redeveloped, there were no clear indications of where the main entrance was which caused confusion about how to enter the school. This main entrance was a large area which they hoped to cover with a modern looking canopy, bringing life to the front of the building and offering respite from the elements.

Choosing the right product

Our Italia Range of canopies was deemed the most suitable canopy to achieve the objectives, and we gave them two options from which to choose: the Monza and Sienna. Our graphic design team super imposed the canopy images on to images of the school which were taken on site by our sales team, which delivered an impressive visual.


Installing the canopy

The canopy had just two posts to cover an area of 2.7m wide by 5m long and the posts were set into concrete foundations, then the roof was built on the floor and then lifted into position using lifting and handling equipment. The canopy install lasted two days. For more information about our school entrance canopies, view our range here.

Interesting facts about the canopy

The school needed the canopy to match the branded identity so matching the canopy to the building colours was a prerequisite. They also wanted minimum obstructions, so with our colour matching service and 2 post system Sienna our company was chosen.

Hillcrest High School
West Midlands

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