Grays Town Bowling Club

Grays Town - Before Customer Objective

The bowling club wanted to provide an outdoor spectator area for other members to be able to sit outside under shelter.

Problem solving with the canopy design

The building had quite a low soffit which limited the options for an external shelter. Also with the green being directly infront of the area, viewing would be hampered if uprights were to be installed at the front of the canopy.

Choosing the right product1 copy

The Connekt canopy was chosen as an ideal solution. The specially designed brackets overcame the low soffit and allowed the canopy to project from the building without posts at the front. The canopy measured 7900mm x 2900mm including the soffit of the building.

Installing the Canopy

The installation was originally booked on for a weekday, and the canopy was to be installed before the new season began. The canopy was manufactured in the clubs shirt colours of burgundy and yellow. After getting the colour exactly how Grays Town wanted, the finished canopy was unveiled to the club members and Canopies UK sponsored the cup tournament.

4Interesting facts about the canopy/customer

The canopy is colour coded to the teams shirt colours.


Grays Town Bowling Club
King George V Playing Fields
Blackshots Lane
RM16 2JU

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