Galliford Try: Crescent Road

How we helped Galliford Try make those all-important finishing touches to Crescent Road, Cheshire

We’ve provided a lot of commercial canopies for builders over the years.

At the last count, we’d supplied more than 30,000 canopies across the UK to housing associations, contractors, local authorities and housebuilders.

One of the housebuilders includes Galliford Try, who we’ve worked with on numerous occasions for projects across the country, including their development on Crescent Road, Ellesmere Port in Cheshire.

They were the main contractor for this particular project, which is made up of 46 homes that are a mixture of one and two-bedroom flats. And they contacted us because they needed our help with completing a specific aspect of the project – the window surrounds and door canopies.

All of our products conform to British Standard, BS399-3, and European Standard, EN1991-1-3:2003, which meant Galliford knew our surrounds and canopies would be up to scratch with the latest industry requirements.

They also knew they could count on us for our bespoke manufacturing expertise and speedy service. All in all, we were asked to design and manufacture surrounds and canopies for properties that looked like the above images when we arrived on-site to carry out our site survey.

Within two weeks of completing our on-site survey, we were manufacturing the surrounds and door canopies at our site in Darwen. Overall we produced:

Our work didn’t stop there either…We also installed the surrounds and canopies, meaning there was one less task for Galliford to have to think about.

And we did it all, from initial enquiry to installation, in just six weeks, which was crucial for Galliford Try, as they were working to a particularly tight deadline. And this is what they looked like!

Bespoke. Safe. Speedy. That’s how we like to describe this particular project, and did we mention we also met Galliford’s budget requirements too?

Got any questions or want to discuss your window or door canopy requirements with us? Contact us on 01254 777 002 or [email protected]. In the meantime, for more information about our door canopies, check out our infographic, ‘Welcome to our world of GRP door canopies.’

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