East Manchester Academy


The East Manchester Academy is a high school in the heart of Manchester’s regeneration area, which currently caters for 970 students aged between 11 and 16.

A member of the Education and Leadership Trust, the academy is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art learning environment, with facilities ranging from custom-built classrooms and specialist work areas, to social areas and a highly versatile multi-use space.


The requirement

Lack of space, particularly dining space, had become a real issue at the school, with students often struggling to find places to sit during their breaks and at a lunchtime. This meant they often wound up queueing or sitting around the school’s corridors, which wasn’t ideal.

The school decided that creating a covered outdoor seating area would give them the additional space they needed. It would also provide students with a place they could go, regardless of what the weather was doing.



When our team assessed the site, they found there were lots of underground electrical wires and drainage pipes right where the sheltered area was going to be created.

Our installation manager carried out a full assessment of the designated space. This ensured that none of the wires or pipes would interfere with the foundations for the Connekt canopy we’d specified for this particular project.


The solution

We installed one our hugely-popular Connekt canopies because the school wanted the sheltered eating area to be as large as possible. The canopy spanned 16m x 6m covering 96m2

More specifically, we specified one of our back-to-back Connekt systems, which we’d previously installed at another school in the area, of which the school had seen and were most impressed with.



Space, or lack of it, is no longer an issue for the school or its students at break or lunchtimes. Pupils have a dedicated seating area they can use whenever they like and that protects them from the elements all-year round.

And while we may have installed the largest possible canopy within the space we were working with, there are plans to make our latest installation even bigger.

The school plans to double its size by installing another canopy right next to it once the rest of the area has been landscaped.

Blue School Shelter Canopy in Manchester

East Manchester Academy
60 Grey Mare Lane
M11 3DS

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