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photo 1 copyCustomer Objective

The customer wanted 3 separate canopies for 3 different areas. A loading bay canopy to keep goods dry, a smoking shelter for staff and a main entrance canopy to make it more visual, as customers & suppliers sometimes missed it.

The loading bay to be covered was 5m long x 2.5m projection with a 5m clearance, the smoking shelter needed to 10m long x 1.2m projection and the entrance canopy 2.2m long x 1.2m projection

Problem solving with the canopy designphoto 3 copy

Goods in and out was becoming a treacherous area as vehicles were backing right into the warehouse, in wet weather this meant the tyres of the vehicles carried water onto the warehouse floor, making it a hazard with the potential for people slipping. It also made the place look untidy and the owners wanted a dry and clean environment

The proposed area for the smoking shelter was in a tight area and sat alongside the car park, which meant they were looking for something with minimal obstructions, with the entrance canopy looking to provide relief when coming in and out of reception from the weather, whilst adding some style to the building, making them look like a professional business.

Cutwel EntranceChoosing the right product

The most obvious solution for them was our Connekt product due to how it is manufactured and the strength of the stepped beam. The cantilevered system means that no supporting posts are required. Having no post allows free movement and flow of traffic, which was great selling point for the warehouse canopy with no post there was nothing to bump into. The same applied for the smoking shelter which was going alongside the car park in a tight area.

Installing the Canopy

We installed over a weekend for convenience to the customer as during the week the loading bay was heavily used, being able to offer installation at the weekend was another key factor. The loading bay canopy was bolted to the concrete but due to the height of the install we also had to hire a cherry picker and fork lift truck to site, all this was done by our install team and went like clockwork.

The other 2 installs were very simple and only required a couple of posts. The cCutwelustomer instructed us that we were to follow a strict Health & safety policy which we did and provided method statements and risk assessments beforehand.

The job took 2 days and there were 3 men from installations to complete the job from start to finish.

Cutwel Ltd
Unit A Riverside Drive
Off Hunsworth Lane
West Yorks
BD19 4DH

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