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photo 2 copyCustomer Objective

Coral Cove is a purpose built children’s adventure centre and the purpose of the canopy was to enable the owners to create an outdoor play space for the children.

Problem solving with the canopy design

The canopy had to keep the children dry in inclement weather and enable the children to play freely without the worry of an accident occurring.  With this in mind the owners didn’t want posts at the front of the canopy as the safety of the children was paramount. There intention was to provide the safest option for the children to enjoy.

Choosing the right productphoto 2

The perfect solution for the area was the Connekt Canopy system.  This in essence would create a cantilever canopy with no supporting posts at the front, allowing for a free flowing play and educational area.  We were also able to colour co-ordinate the canopy to their branded colours, thus ensuring the canopy not only performed functionally but was aesthetically pleasing.

photoInstalling the Canopy

The area in question was cordoned off whilst the install took place.  This was for health and safety reasons both for the install team and staff and children at the centre. This allowed the installation team to work quickly and efficiently and erect the canopy within a few days.  The roofing sheets were expertly cut around the exterior wall profile and created an excellent seal for this bespoke canopy.

Interesting facts about the canopy/customer

The colour of the canopy was matched to the existing colours which was something of a benefit for the owners. The owners were so happy with the canopy that they are now looking to expand the canopy across the length of the building.

Coral Cove Ltd
Hopton Park
London Road
SN10 2ET

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