Burnley Football Club

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Burnley Football Club wanted to create a covered area for the Sky mix zone so that players could be interviewed in inclement weather conditions.

Problem solving with the canopy design

Due to Burnley only recently getting promoted into the BPL they had to modernise facilities and provide this covered area to the media as part of the contract with the premier league. As this was to be on television it had to look the part also.

Choosing the right product

Burnley were offered two products initially which were the Connekt canopy and a canopy from our Italia range the Monza canopy. These were two contrasting styles but both measured 5m x 2.4m

Installing the Canopyphoto 2

The Monza canopy was a very straight forward installation; this was due to the design of the canopy and the open area that we had to work in. We did use some lifting equipment but this is pretty standard on the Monza canopy as the roof is built up on the floor and lifted into place. There were some slight problems with access due to Burnley having a lot of work done on the stadium to have it modernised for the new BPL season.

Burnley FC 1Burnley FC would only place an order for the canopy on the provision that it could be installed before the season started on the 16th August.

Interesting facts about the canopy/custome

The Sales Director Jason Eastwood is a massive Burnley Football Club fan and negotiated a deal for a discount on the canopy in return for a signed Danny Ings Shirt!


Burnley Football Club
Turf Moor
Harry Potts Way

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