BTG Protherics

Customer objective

To provide cover at their loading bays when HGV’s came to the building for deliveries. As their business is pharmaceuticals, the goods were of a sensitive nature and needed protecting in all weather.

Problem solving with the canopy design

Their recent growth and expansion created the need for a high level loading bay with 5m clearance to allow HGV underneath without any hazards on the already reduced sized turning area.


Choosing the right product

The canopy had to be at least 5m high so the obvious choice was our Connekt system which is available in various projections and heights.

Installing the canopy

The canopy took three days to install and involved heavy machinery to fit the canopy so high. Once the posts were installed it was then time to put the projected beams on and fit the roofing sheets.

BTG’s financial director was particularly impressed with our company from the off. He was looking for a company that provided full structural calculations for the canopy, as BTG’s location was at very high altitude. We offered full in-house testing for both wind and snow load with site specific calculations. For more information about our loading bay canopies, view our range here.

Interesting facts about the canopy

It was essential that the chosen supplier fully installed themselves with no subcontractor involvement, and it was an added bonus that we are also full manufacturers of our product. Basically, BTG was looking for a company who did the whole project – a one stop shop – and they chose us.

BTG Protherics
South Wales
SA44 5JT

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