Brookvale Residential Home

Customer objective

Brookvale Residential Home is registered to provide accommodation for up to 80 younger adults who have a learning disability. The home provides residential, day and respite care.  Brookvale required shelter for four areas around the grounds to protect its residents from all the elements the British weather has to offer.  They also had a further three areas that required walkway shelters to enable staff and residents to transfer from building to building without getting wet.


Problem solving with the canopy design

Because Brookvale’s residents have learning disabilities, a key concept in the design procedure was to minimise the number of hazards.  All the canopies were designed to reduce the number of posts exposed, making the covered areas an open environment and free flowing.


Choosing the right product

Going back to problem solving and keeping hazards at a minimum, this had a major influence in the product type selected.  We used Connekt for the installation as it has many facets and design styles.  The product was used for all walkway canopies. With our unique cantilevered system all posts/brackets were positioned at the rear of the canopy against a wall, with no front supports this ensured a hazard free shelter.  The umbrella canopy used in the play areas only require one central post to cover an area of 15m squared, which maximised the area covered and ensured there was plenty of space for the residents to have shelter from all elements.

All canopies in the quotation stage had been super imposed by a graphic designer, which helped the customer visualise how the various canopies would look on their building. These images gave the customer confidence when making a decision.


Another major factor for Brookvale was the choice of colour.  They wanted a bright, vibrant looking canopy that would capture the resident’s attention and give a feel of a ‘playing environment’.  We decided to make the canopies a variety of bright colours, and with its rainbow colours it really did look bright!

Installing the canopy

All seven canopies were installed within five days.  Before the installation, the installation department provided a detailed site survey with the customer to ensure all parties knew what was happening and when, including deliveries, fencing arrangements, working times, access and a schedule of each canopy install.  By liaising with the customer, Canopies UK can consider all of the customer’s needs. 

In this case, all residents had a set time for their evening meal, and it was at this point every day that we organised a concrete delivery so not to interfere with the residents and foot traffic was kept to a minimum.  All canopies were installed on time as agreed. For more information about our walkway canopies for residential home or hospitals, view our range here.


Interesting facts about the canopy

Brookvale was so impressed with the canopy and service that since the original order they have now ordered a further three.  They have also taken advantage of another product to compliment the canopies and have installed 14 side panels to their walkway.  This provides further protection from driving winds and rain.  The walkway canopy is now a central feature into the main building within Brookvale.

Brookvale Residential Home
Simister Lane
M25 2SF

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