Bradley Primary School

Providing pupils and parents with adequate shelter at Bradley Primary School.


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.23.58Background

Bradley Primary School is based in Nelson, Lancashire and teaches children ranging from reception class up to Year Six.

The requirement

The school’s head teacher, Mike Hull, approached us to help overcome a health and safety concern created by the fact there was a lack of sheltered space for parents to wait when it rained. This resulted in them often having to often squeeze into the main entrance hallway.

What’s more, the school recognised that there was no outside cover for pupils during break time, which was needed, as the playground was a major suntrap during the summer months and often too hot for some pupils to stay outside.

Bradley Primary SchoolChallenges

Our solution needed to provide shelter from the rain, as well as adequate UV protection from the sun’s strong rays. And when it came to the installation, our team had to account for the fact the playground was on a steep slope.

IMG_1532 (2)The solution

Our solution was to install a cantilevered Connekt canopy system in the playground to help free up the main school entrance area. We specifically opted for the cantilevered design in response to concerns from the head teacher that placing supporting posts in the playground would cause potential obstacles for the pupils.

We addressed the issue of the steep slope by laser levelling the surface of the playground to make it more even and the canopy secure and level. The supporting posts were also produced in different lengths.

Added value

We were the only canopy specialist to be able to provide the school with the pioneering cantilevered canopy system and help keep any health and safety risks to a minimum.

IMG_1534 (4)Results

The canopy system was installed in just a day and was completed a day early. The school now has peace of mind that:

  • All health and safety risks have been addressed
  • Parents are provided with adequate protection from the rain that is positioned away from the main school entrance
  • Pupils can now play outside in the warmer weather and have somewhere to shelter from the sun


Bradley Primary School

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