Bradley Primary School



Bradley Primary School in Nelson, Lancashire caters for children from Reception Level up to Year Six.

Its motto is ‘learn to succeed’, which sits at the heart of its work, not only in terms of academic skills, but how the school teaches pupils to be effective members of the community.


The requirement

At the time of contacting us, the school had a rear playground that wasn’t sheltered, which meant teachers could only use this area to teach pupils outside for certain months of the year. Come the winter, the playground was a no-go zone for teaching.

The school wanted to be able to utilise the space for outdoor learning all-year round and provide parents with a sheltered spot where they could wait for pupils within the school grounds.



The classroom canopy needed to offer side protection in order to provide the adequate amount of shelter, which involved adapting our usual design.


The solution

For the outdoor classroom space, we fitted one of our Connekt canopies that incorporated our coliseum design. We adapted our standard design and used polycarbonate panels for the side to ensure the canopy would provide adequate protection from the wind, rain and snow.

We also specified one of our Connekt canopies for the parents’ waiting shelter however, rather than incorporating our coliseum design, it featured our cantilevered design instead. As this particular canopy was positioned in the playground, it was important there were no posts in the way that could pose a safety risk to passing pupils.



Bradley Primary School’s teachers now have somewhere they can teach their pupils all-year round and parents now have somewhere to stand and wait where they’re protected from the elements.

Bradley Primary School

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