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Cantabria at The Garrack Hotel

1egarrack_11Canopies UK recently launched a new product that helps restaurants and hotels capitalise on their outdoor space, all year round, maximising the profitability of any establishment.

Andrew Baragwanath, owner of The Garrack Hotel, Cornwall had the following to say about the recent install:

The Cantabria canopy allows us to keep hold of our customers even when the weather is turning cold or wet. We have spectacular sea views from the hotel grounds but people will not stay outside if the weather is inclement.

a2n_8755Having only purchased the hotel one year ago, it quickly became apparent that the terrace outside the pool building was an underused resource. Our elevated position overlooking St Ives Bay means that there is almost always a breeze which can take the edge off the temperature, particularly early in the morning and in the evening.

The indoor area of the pool building can be noisy if there are children swimming and the atmosphere can be warm and humid. The Cantabria means our customers stay longer as we can alter it’s configuration according to the conditions. Frequently we close a couple of the wall panels to provide protection from the wind whilst opening the roof panels to varying extents to allow sunshine in some areas and shade in others.

a2n_8796Customers love to see the canopy in operation. The halogen heaters and our flame heaters provide warmth when necessary. We have held barbecues in the canopy. Leaving the roof panel above the barbecue open and the wall behind closed means the smoke rises straight out through the roof and is not trapped inside.Increasing numbers of hotel guests are choosing to take breakfast in the canopy as it is less formal than the restaurant. Families can keep an eye on their children in the pool whilst still enjoying their breakfast


Interestingly, the canopy has become a venue in it’s own right. Local people are using the canopy and we have hosted a few parties. None of this would have happened without the canopy. We are still exploring the possibilities that are open to us now we have it, including New Year’s eve party etc. The previous open terrace was underused but installation of the Cantabria has attracted people who simply would not have gone there before. We have groups lunching there and are serving more food than in the hotel restaurant.a2n_8750

Our customer reaction to the canopy has been really positive. People admire the quality of the structure and it is great for staff to be able to react to ensure customer comfort by opening or closing the canopy at the press of a button and controlling the heaters too.”

The Garrack Hotel
St. Ives
TR26 3AA


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