Canopy colours!

What is the purpose of the canopy and what area is the canopy for, are the most important questions to answer when making a decision about an outdoor canopy?  Equally important is how the canopy will look; both on the eye and in the surroundings it will be installed. Whether it is a fixed canopy on the building or a free standing canopy away from the premises, most customers want a canopy that is aesthetically correct.

All our commercial canopies are made to specification and customers can choose from 7 standard colours. White, black, brown, red, yellow, green and blue are our standard colours. By offering these standard colours a customer can normally find a hue to suit.

However, if for example a school has a colour that represents their brand we can match the canopy colour with our bespoke colour matching service. So, if the uniform happens to be purple in colour then we can make the canopy in purple.

Front Door Canopy

Some customers want their canopy in a rainbow of colours, so using colour options from the standard range (mainly the brighter colours) they can have a multi-coloured canopy that can take centre stage and become a real focal point.

Our door canopies are a stylish addition to any home and they are also available with different trim options. The roof tile can either be slate, earth, terracotta and brown with the soffit colour being white, brown or black. All of the door canopies come with a straight standard trim but alternatively you can choose a scalloped or decorative option.

Whatever your project we will have a colour to match!

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