Umbrella Canopy at a School Playground

Canopies for Schools in East London: Our Latest Installations

The start of 2018 has been a busy period for Canopies UK, especially when it comes to work in the education sector. Whether they’re providing shelter to parents waiting for their children or creating a year-round location for outdoor learning, education canopies offer numerous benefits. Read on to find out about our latest umbrella canopy and outdoor learning canopy installations in East London.


School umbrella canopy at Phoenix School, Tower Hamlets

49 Bow Road
E3 2AD

Canopy type: Connekt free-standing umbrella canopy

Phoenix School was looking for a way to create a covered area to keep children protected from the elements during break times. Our Connekt free-standing umbrella canopy was the perfect solution, providing a wide, covered space for students to play, eat and relax while only requiring a single, central post for support. The canopy’s Melinex gel coating also protects against UV rays.


Thinking of purchasing an umbrella or outdoor learning canopy for your school? Our guide will help you choose the best possible canopy. Read it here.


Outdoor learning canopy at Oakdale Infants School, Redbridge

Woodville Road
E18 1JU

Canopy type: Connekt outdoor learning canopy

Holding lessons outside can make learning more enjoyable, challenging, active and collaborative, according to research from the University of Stirling. As a result, an increasing number of schools are looking to create outdoor learning spaces – including Oakdale Infants School, which asked us to install our Connekt outdoor learning canopy. The cantilevered design means the Connekt doesn’t require any supporting posts, maximising space underneath the canopy.


Interested in installing your own canopy? We offer a wide array of solutions, from outdoor dining canopies to covered play areas. Browse our full education range here, or request a free brochure for more information.

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