School Entrance Canopy at Fakenham Academy

Canopies in Bristol, Kenilworth and Norwich: Our latest installations


Canopies UK has recently completed work on a series of schools and businesses across Bristol, Kenilworth and Norwich.

Over the years, we’ve worked with countless schools and companies, who all recognise the many benefits outdoor canopies can bring. Read on to find out about our latest school walkway, commercial entrance canopy and parent waiting canopy installations at Wai Yee Hong, Fakenham Academy and Priors Field Primary School.


Wai Yee Hong’s commercial entrance canopy

Eastgate Road
Canopy type: Connekt

Wai Yee Hong in Eastgate Oriental City asked us to help create a sheltered entrance solution that would protect its customers from the weather.

Using our Connekt commercial entrance canopy, we’ve created a covered area that has provided the store with the shelter it needs. The canopy has also given Wai Yee Hong’s exterior a smart and professional finish too.


School entrance canopy at Fakenham Academy

City College Norwich
Ipswich Road
Canopy Type: Italia Range – Salerno

Our installation of the Salerno entrance canopy at Fakenham Academy means staff, visitors and pupils are now sheltered from the elements as they enter and leave.

The canopy is a real statement feature and instantly helps the academy make the right first impression to guests and visitors.


For best practice advice on installing an entrance or walkway canopy, check out our blog, ‘How to ensure you get the best possible canopy for your school?’


Parent waiting canopy at Priors Field Primary School

Clinton Lane
Canopy type: Connekt

Priors Field Primary School wanted to provide cover for parents and pupils, who were regularly exposed to the elements during drop-off and pick-up times.

They found the perfect solution in our practical and sleek Connekt parent waiting canopy, which provides shelter from the elements all-year round. It’s also created an extremely eye-catching focal point too.


Interested in installing one of our industry-leading outdoor canopies? We provide a wide range of solutions, from outdoor dining canopies, to covered play areas. Take a look at our commercial entrance and education ranges.

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