Everything you need to know about the National Hockey Foundation Grant

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How to apply for The National Hockey Foundation grant

The National Hockey Foundation is a charitable trust established to develop and operate the hockey stadium at Milton Keynes. The foundation gives financial support to the development of sport, particularly at youth level of up to 21-years-old, for hockey and sports in Milton Keynes and wider.


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Is my school eligible?

The full eligibility criteria of The National Hockey Foundation is on their website, but schools are eligible for this grant as long as their application is related to hockey for young people up to the age of 21.

If your school is in Milton Keynes, you may also be eligible for school grants related to other sports, as the foundation has a connection with the National Hockey Stadium. Any applications outside of Milton Keynes will only be eligible if they are related to hockey.

What kind of projects do they fund?

The foundation will consider providing a school grant for:

  • Equipment purchases
  • Building/court refurbishment
  • Larger hockey-related capital projects
  • Training
  • Educational equipment
  • Transport
  • Project staff costs

How do I apply?

As wider applications are not currently open, it is recommended that you share the needs and goals of your funding by emailing: nathockeyfoundation@gmail.com

You may then be asked to submit an indication form to progress your potential grant application.

What’s the deadline?

There is currently no deadline, as the trustees are not welcoming applications at this time, but they suggest you email them if you are interested in applying for the grant anyway.

How much funding is possible?

The National Hockey Foundation provides grants of between £10,000 and £75,000, supporting young people of up to 21-years-old in relation to hockey-related activities.

Find out more about this school grant

For more information on The National Hockey Foundation’s grants, go to their official website, read their grant guidelines, and download an application form.