Why we offer a ten-year guarantee and what it means for our customers

Lots of great things can take place in ten years – it’s believed ‘genius of geniuses’, Mozart, worked for a decade before producing something that became popular.

It took ten years to complete the Colosseum in Rome…

…and it’s widely reported that it takes successful people ten years to succeed at what they’re doing.

Ten years is a pivotal timeframe. It’s also how long the product, labour and installation guarantees last for most of our outdoor canopies.*


As the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of canopies, we make sure our products are delivered to the highest standard and built to withstand the test of time

We’re exceptionally proud of our outdoor canopy systems and are uniquely positioned to offer such extensive guarantees, that cover the manufacturing and installation work that’s carried out by our highly-experienced installation team, as well as our products.

We continuously refine our canopies with the highest quality materials and put them through the most rigorous standard checks to make sure they’re built to last. It’s something that we’ve done for the last 25 years.

This enables us to make sure our work is in line with the very latest building regulations and industry requirements. We also keep a close eye on making sure our processes and procedures are backed up by the relevant accreditations too. (You’ll find more details about our current list of accreditations and what they all mean here).

It’s this attention to detail and calibre of craftsmanship that enables us to provide our customers with such an extensive product, labour and installation guarantee. Such is our attention to detail, the occasions when we’ve been called back have been few and far between. But regardless of whether or not you do need to call on us, you’ve got ten years’ peace of mind that you can count on us to help with any product, labour or installation issues, should they ever crop up.

We’re constantly working hard behind-the-scenes to make sure our outdoor canopy solutions are as exceptional as they possibly can be – and this involves continuing to push the design and build boundaries, set new standards, lead the field and meet our customers’ requirements.

A lot can happen in ten years. Things come, things go and changes can happen. But with our guarantees, you can be sure that your canopy stays as it should.

For more information about any of our guarantees or to discuss your outdoor canopy requirements with us, contact us on 01254 777 002 or karen@canopiesuk.co.uk.


* We offer a ten-year product guarantee for our popular Connekt, Italia, Olympus and door canopies and a five-year product guarantee for our Cantabria.


The Canopies UK journey – where we are now and where we’re heading

Jason-EastwoodToday, we’re widely renowned as being the country’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of high quality canopies.

Like all companies, there was a starting point, and for us, ours (believe it or not) began with a flyer. In this Q&A blog, Managing Director, Jason Eastwood, talks us through Canopies UK’s roots, future vision, and explains how that all-important flyer comes into the equation.

Q. How did Canopies UK start?

A. Canopies the company was formed in February 1990. My dad, Russell Eastwood, started the business.

Back then, he’d sold his business and was helping my uncle out at his conservatory business when a flyer dropped through the door, advertising what we now call our Connekt outdoor canopy. Dad liked the product so much, that he bought the company and formed Canopies.


Q. What did you do before Canopies UK?

A. I joined Canopies UK in June 1996, having spent 18 months working for Moores Furniture Group in the South East of England.

I wanted to relocate to the north of England and was considering travelling abroad for a few months, so my mum asked dad to give me a job! It was at this point that I joined the company – I was put in charge of Commercial Sales, which had just been formed, and things just took off.

Q. Where were you based in the beginning?

A. At the start, it was pretty much just my dad with a few sales personnel, but the company grew quickly. We were initially based at my uncle’s conservatory business and stayed there for many years, as we’d converted the upstairs of a mill there. We’ve always been based in Darwen.


Q. How has Canopies UK developed over the years?

A. We started off just focusing on homeowners and complementing our own sales team with a network of distributors, who covered the South East.

These days, we cover more of the country directly ourselves, but we still have a similar model in place for our Home & Garden side of the business. We did briefly get involved in exporting to countries, such as South Africa, Holland and the Middle East.

However, our two biggest areas of the business are undoubtedly Refurb & New Build, as well as the commercial side, which is heavily involved in providing outdoor canopies and shelters to the Education and Hospitality sectors.

cantabria-canopy outdoor-play-canopy

Q. What’s been pivotal to Canopies UK’s success?

A. Quite simply, it’s our employees. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have employees, who have been with us for large parts of the journey and although to some degree, we were a family business, we all work so well together, that we are just like one big family.

We also have a set of core values that we live by every day. This enables us to provide excellent customer service and an overall offering that sets us apart from the competition, which has become increasingly fierce over the years.

Q. What’s your vision for the future?

A. Our vision remains the same – for every property in the UK to have one of our products.

Q. How do you intend to achieve this vision?

A. By continuing to live by our values organisation-wide, which range from remembering that customers deserve more than they expect and celebrating and acknowledging our achievements, to working as one team and always keeping the promises we make.

Would you like to find out more about our market-leading outdoor canopies? Why not visit our case studies page where you can take a look at some of the canopies we’ve previously installed in locations across the country. 

How we served up a large helping of additional space at Winstanley College


Winstanley College is an award-winning sixth form college in Wigan with titles, including Sixth Form College of the Year to its name.

Catering at the college is provided by an external provider, Caterlink, who provides schools, colleges and universities across the UK with a range of catering services.

When we first spoke to Caterlink, they’d just won the catering contract and needed help with a practical challenge – how they could cater for more students when space within the dining hall was limited.


We’re used to working with colleges and helping them create more space

We’ve worked with countless colleges, schools and nurseries across the country, helping them to solve space-specific issues just like this one. So, when Caterlink told us about their predicament, we knew immediately how to help them.

Our Cantabria outdoor canopy, which is hugely popular within the education and hospitality sector, was the ideal solution because it:


  1. Ticked all of the boxes within Caterlink’s brief – we can tailor our Cantabria so that it meets customers’ specific requirements.
  2. Could easily double up as a multi-purpose room – that students can use during their free periods all-year round, which was the college’s main requirement.


As with all of our installations, we carried out this one efficiently and within the required deadline, despite the fact the site area had an extreme drop in the ground. We were able to overcome this by digging up and levelling off the ground before laying a concrete foundation that provided us with a smooth and even platform to work with.

As a result of getting in touch with us, Caterlink are now serving more students and the students have a light, bright area where they can study, regardless of what the weather’s doing. They can sit with the sun shining down on them and on greyer, wintry days, they can still use the area because the roof of the Cantabria can be closed at the touch of a button.

What’s more, if the mercury really does start to rise, the Cantabria protects students from the sun’s harmful rays.

Then there’s the sliding glass screens. They can be easily opened and closed, depending on the weather, while LED lighting and electric heating mean the space can used when it’s light or dark, or if it’s cold outside.



Both Caterlink and the college are over the moon with what we’ve achieved for them

In fact, the Cantabria has become such a much-loved feature, that it’s now referred to as the Garden Room and used for a wide range of events, such as parents’ evenings.

Conor Edwards, Director of Finance & Resources, said: “Our Cantabria canopy provides us with an outdoor dining area and a student space that’s used regularly by many of our students in all weathers.

“In the winter, it’s still warm enough to use, as the glass sides keep out the cold, and in the summer, the roof and the walls can be opened back to let in the fresh air and sunshine.”

That’s essentially two extremely happy customers, who now have an outdoor canopy solution that ticks their two main boxes.


If you’d like to find out more about the ins and outs of this installation or would like to create some extra dining and/or study space at your nursery, school, college or academy, get in touch with us today on 01254 777 002 or email karen@canopiesuk.co.uk.

Home improvement: These upgrades have the biggest effect on property value

If you own your house, there’s a good chance you’re planning a home improvement project in the not-too-distant future.

A growing number of Brits are choosing to upgrade their current property rather than move house. According to a recent study from Hiscox, 15% of homeowners elected to improve rather than move in 2017 – up from just 3% in 2013. The trend is even more pronounced among millennials, with 26% of homeowners within this demographic choosing to make do and mend.

Of course, if you are planning home improvements, you’ll be looking for reassurance that it’s worth the time and effort (not to mention the money). Will your chosen upgrade make your property more desirable, or could it even put off potential buyers if you do eventually decide to sell up?

With that in mind, Canopies UK has produced this helpful infographic detailing the impact that common upgrades and additions can have on the value of a property, based on previous surveys and insights from the likes of Nationwide and Phil Spencer.

When assessing the potential impact of any home improvement work, context is vital. Digging a basement extension will almost certainly be expensive, but it could add real value – provided you live in an area with high per-square-foot house prices. Likewise, a £10,000 kitchen refit could drive up the value of a £250,000 home, but may have the opposite effect on a £1 million property.

Unsurprisingly, many of the most valuable improvements are related to expanding floor space. A 10% increase adds an average of 5% to the price of a house, according to Nationwide, making these upgrades a potentially worthwhile investment for anyone who can afford the initial outlay.

To give you a complete picture, we’ve also considered things to avoid when making additions to your home. Common mistakes that are unlikely to have a large enough impact on property value to justify the upfront cost include adding too many bedrooms, “outgrowing” your street (location places an upper limit on how much a home is worth) and replacing all the furniture.

Read on for our roundup of the best – and worst – improvements for adding value to your home, and if you’re feeling inspired, take a look at our stylish range of home and garden canopies.

How to add value to your property with home improvements

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Signs it’s time for you to invest in an outdoor canopy


Have you been toying with the idea of installing an outdoor canopy? Or perhaps it’s an option you’ve only just become aware of and are starting to research?

Whatever your circumstances, there are numerous benefits to be gained from investing in an outdoor canopy, whether you’re a college or school, hotel or restaurant, homeowner, care home, hospital or manufacturer.

The beauty of outdoor canopies is that they’re suitable for the widest range of environments (as the shortlist immediately above suggests). Many of today’s industry-leading models can also be tailored to your exact requirements, making sure that your investment is fit for purpose now, and for many years to come.

So, we’ve briefly touched on some of the benefits of installing an outdoor canopy in the last few paragraphs. But how can you be sure you should join the growing number of individuals, businesses and organisations who have chosen to invest in one (or several)? These signs will help:


SIGN 1: Your outdoor space is seriously underused

With the great British weather being such a mixed bag all-year round, it’s not uncommon for outdoor garden areas, terraces, patios, etc. to wind up being underused.

We see it happen all of the time within the hospitality sector. Pub, bar, hotel and restaurant owners want to provide their customers with the trendy al fresco experience, yet the weather more often than not, has other ideas…

It’s why so many of them have invested in an outdoor canopy, like our hugely-popular Cantabria system. Not only does it mean they can cater for their customers’ requirements, regardless of what the weather’s doing, they can put their outdoor space to good use.

It’s worth noting here that it’s not just hospitality professionals who are using outdoor canopies to their advantage. Homeowners looking to dine in their gardens in all seasons and schools wanting to turn their courtyards into highly-engaging outdoor learning environments, are just two more examples of how canopies are being used to make better use of outdoor spaces.










SIGN 2: You’ve run out of space!  

This is a common situation that’s encountered by many of our customers. From schools in need of more dining room space, to hotels wanting to be able to seat more guests so that they can increase their profits (we’ll explain this point further below), lack of space is a really common issue.

Going down the extension route costs time and money and, in many circumstances, requires planning permission. However, installing an outdoor canopy, such as our retractable Cantabria system, can provide protection from 90% of the strongest UV rays and wind speeds of up to 60km/h, is far more straightforward, efficient and cost effective.

Plus, outdoor canopies are multi-functional spaces, so you can use them for far more than you originally planned.










SIGN 3: You want to boost your profits

More covers = more sales within the hospitality sector. But while this may sound like a pretty simple statement, achieving it can be far from that, especially if you haven’t got the space to cater for more customers…

…which is where outdoor canopies come in. We’ve worked with countless hospitality customers over the years and it’s an investment that really pays off for them. By installing a Cantabria canopy, they can cater for up to 184 additional customers*, generating an additional weekly revenue of more than £7,000.**










There are all sorts of signs that indicate you should invest in an outdoor canopy, far more than the three we’ve listed above. If you’d like to find out more, would like some more guidance, or would like to discuss your outdoor canopy requirements with us, contact us on 01254 777 002 or karen@canopiesuk.co.uk.

* Based on Friday and Saturday, 2 sittings per day.

**Based on £40 per cover = £7,360.

[Ebook] An inside guide to site-specific calculations

Site-specific calculations are one of the main things that set Canopies UK apart from the competition. Discover what they are and why they’re so important when considering any canopy installation by downloading this free ebook.