School Canopies in London: Our Latest Installations

Throughout November, Canopies UK has completed work on a series of London school canopy installations. We are seeing growing interest from the education sector, as schools increasingly recognise the benefits of providing covered areas to protect pupils and parents from the elements. Read on to find out about our latest school walkway and entrance canopy installations in Greater London.


School walkway canopy at Newington Green Primary

Matthias Road
N16 8NP
Canopy type: Connekt

Newington Green Primary School got in touch with us to enquire about a solution for covering a popular walkway along the side of the school building. Our Connekt school walkway canopy fitted the bill perfectly; its flexibility allows it to be wrapped around the outside of a building to provide shelter during rain and shine.


School entrance canopy at The Heathlands School

Wellington Road South
Hounslow, London
Canopy type: Connekt

The Connekt school entrance canopy guarantees a warm welcome for staff, pupils and visitors at The Heathlands School. Available in a choice of colours, the Connekt is also completely self-supporting – which means no worrying about accidents resulting from youngsters (or adults, for that matter) bumping into pillars or posts.


Thinking of purchasing an entrance or walkway canopy for your school? Our guide will help you choose the best possible canopy. Read it here


School entrance canopy at St Margaret’s CE Primary

St Margaret’s Grove
Plumstead, London
SE18 7RL
Canopy type: Connekt

St Margaret’s CE Primary were looking to provide a covering for anyone entering or leaving the school – and they found it in the form of the Connekt school entrance canopy. This practical and stylish solution transforms the front of a school, while its Melinex gel-coated roof blocks 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Interested in installing your own canopy? We offer a wide array of solutions, from outdoor dining canopies to covered play areas. Browse our full range here.

4 key questions for finding the right door canopy for your refurb or retrofit project


Door canopies can play a huge part in the overall success of refurbishment and retrofit projects.

Yes, they may only form a small element of these projects, but they can instantly make a property look unique, as well as professionally finished.

Ideally, you want to choose the right door canopy for the project at hand, but with them being available in all different sizes, shapes and finishes, it isn’t always easy to know which one to go for.

Next time you’re working on a refurbishment project and are selecting the door canopies, ask yourself these four questions, they’ll help make sure you make the right decision, not to mention, finish off your projects perfectly, every time.


Question 1: ‘Are they made from GRP?’

Door canopies are made from all sorts of different types of materials. Some are made from concrete or timber, which involve long-term maintenance costs. Others, on the other hand, are manufactured using GRP, which is highly durable and maintenance-free.

It’s all very well your project looking good the moment you’ve finished it, but how’s it going to look five years down the line? Unfortunately, all buildings do age and the fewer features it happens to, the better, entrance or porch canopy included, especially as they’re one of the first features people see. Where possible, always go for GRP, it’s made to last.


Question 2: ‘How much care and attention goes into making them?’

You don’t need to know about the precise ins and outs of your manufacturer’s processes, but it is extremely useful for you to have some knowledge of the standards that they work to.

Do their canopies conform to BS6399-3 and European Standard EN1991-1-3:2003? And do they use the highest quality gel coats and moulds and durable paint?

Yes, they may seem like minor details, but it’s this type of detail that will help ensure that the canopies you choose a) conform with industry regulations and b) are built to last. In turn, this will help your project look the part for many years to come.


Question 3: ‘Have you got lots of different options to choose from?’

Door canopies are available in a whole host of different sizes and designs. Take our range, for instance, we offer nine different styles, ranging from flat roof and apex, to hipped roof and bespoke. They can come with curved legs, straight legs and in finishes, such as slate, too, as well as match a particular garden/home.

If you truly want your door canopy to give your project that extra edge, then you need to spend time on carefully choosing which design you’re going to go for. The type of roof on the property you’re working with can be a key influencer. For example, if it’s hipped then you might want to complement it with a canopy that’s hipped, but if you want something different, then you might want to go for a flat roof instead.


Question 4: ‘Do you need to install them (or can it be done for you)?

So, you’ve shopped around, done your research and found the door canopy that’s going to complement your project perfectly. That’s the hard work over, right?

Wrong. How it’s installed can also impact the end result. Door canopies need to be properly installed, anything less could wind up with them looking unprofessional and involve on-going maintenance and problems.

Where possible, your door canopy supplier should make installation as quick and easy for you as possible. That’s why we make sure that our canopies are delivered fully assembled with full fixing kits and we offer an installation service too, which can be useful if you’ve got a shortage of skilled site workers. Oh, and thanks to our FastFit service, we can also deliver certain canopies to sites in just 48 hours!

Both refurb and retrofit projects can be made to look and feel far more appealing with the addition of a door canopy. However, with all key features, it’s important you select the right options, which is where the questions above can really help you out. They are by no means exhaustive, but do provide you with some best practice pointers on how to make the best possible door canopy decisions.

Recent Canopy Installations in Greater Manchester

Over the last few months, we at Canopies UK have been busy installing canopies across the North West, using innovative canopies to maximise outdoor space for a range of industries in Greater Manchester. Here are some of our best results:


JD Sports Ltd, Rochdale

JD Sports Ltd
Michael Faraday Avenue
OL16 4FW

Canopy Type: Connekt

We built and implemented a Connekt smoking shelter canopy for sportswear giants JD Sports Ltd’s Rochdale warehouse. This self-supported installation provides shelter from rain and 90% of the sun’s UV rays. The bespoke nature of the Connekt canopy meant that we were able to design and build a structure that met the warehouse’s exact requirements.


East Manchester Academy, Manchester

East Manchester Academy
60 Grey Mare Lane
M11 3DS

Canopy Type: Connekt

East Manchester Academy needed a covered outdoor area so that pupils can make the most of the playground, even when it rains. The Connekt covered play canopy offers an outdoor area where pupils can be sheltered from rain, strong wind, snow and UV rays, so breaktimes don’t have to be cut short by adverse weather conditions.


Could your business benefit from an outdoor canopy? To find out more, you can request a free brochure to help you decide which installation would be best for maximising your outdoor space. We also provide a free, no-obligation survey service, which you can book here.

The benefits of owning a door canopy!


When entering or leaving your home, there is nothing worse than being exposed to the elements, especially when you are stopping to get out your keys or put down shopping bags. A door canopy could be your ideal solution. Not only does it offer protection from the elements for yourself, but it will keep your door and entrance area sheltered too.

Our stylish door and porch canopies come in a wide range of styles and colours, and have been designed to add the perfect finishing touch to your property. Not only functional, they also give your home personality as well as the possibility of adding value to your property.


GRP Door Canopies

All our front door canopies are made from highly strong and durable GRP (glass reinforced polyester) and can be quickly fitted to almost any style of building. GRP door canopies are also tested against the worst of the weather, from rain and wind to heavy snow loads, so you’ll always have protection against the elements. With our wide selection of styles, there will surely be a door canopy suitable for you and your home.

We have also supplied quality GRP door, porch and window canopies to the private and public sectors, from local authorities to house builders and contractors.


Contemporary Door Canopies

For a more up to date look, you can opt for a more modern front door canopy. With these you get a simple style with the same level of protection, with an understated design which fits sleekly into any property. The flat roof door canopy is the perfect choice for those who like to keep things minimal.



Traditional Door Canopies

If you prefer a more classic look at the front of your home, there are plenty of options in keeping with your taste. Traditional door canopies still looks stylish but their hipped, tiled effects are well suited to period properties.



Apex Door Canopy

How about a charming cottage-style look for your front door canopy? If you like a property with character, an apex door canopy might be the way to go. They will be fully in keeping with a home which favours a vintage aesthetic, while ensuring that any rainfall runs away from the front door.



To request a brochure and browse our full range of door canopy styles, click here. If you’d like a no-obligation survey of your property to see how a door canopy can enhance your home, click here.

Plastic Carport, Door & Roof Canopy Installation: All You Need to Know

If you’re thinking about having a plastic canopy or carport installed at your home, you might have a few questions on how the whole process works and where to even begin.

But don’t worry, our experts at Canopies UK can help guide you through every necessary step so that you can add a stylish and effective plastic canopy roof or plastic door canopy to your home in no time at all, without any worry or stress!


Why choose a plastic canopy?

Before you begin to think about the type of canopy you want or where you’d like it to be placed on your property, you’ll want to know exactly why a plastic canopy is the best option available.

We use Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) for all our canopies because the composite material is strong and durable enough to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Its light weight makes it ideal for use with our unique cantilevered design and beam profile, for a weatherproof plastic canopy roof across driveways, front doors, patios and paths.

There’s also no limit to the length of the canopy using this material, meaning that you could even have a full plastic canopy wrapping around the entire length of your home. It is available in white, brown and light oak, so you can easily match it to the design of your home.


Booking a plastic canopy survey

Once you’ve decided to add a plastic canopy to your home, the next step is to simply make an appointment with one of our qualified surveyors. They’ll travel to your property to discuss your requirements and allow you to make an informed decision about the placement of your carport or canopy.

Once you’re happy with the proposed arrangements, your surveyor will provide you with a full price breakdown so that you can place your order right away.

All you then need to do is look out for a confirmation letter in the post to say that your order has been processed, usually within 10 working days.

From this point on, we take care of absolutely everything. Should you have any questions or enquiries during this period, our customer service team are available to lend a helping hand.


Preparing your plastic canopy installation

The surveyor will take a close look at every aspect of your property, checking the structure of the building to ensure it is fit for purpose and examining the condition of the brickwork to make sure it can support the plastic canopy.

Their role is to make all the preparations for the installation team, so they’ll be making sure that access to the property isn’t restricted, determining whether adjustments need to be made for the terrain (for example if the driveway slopes away), and checking drainage will be appropriate for any excess water from the roof.

Once your order has been processed, our installation team will contact you to confirm a suitable time to erect the plastic canopy at your home. Remember, if their suggestion isn’t convenient, you can always request a day that fits with your schedule.

All potential obstacles will have been highlighted in advance, so unless there are any exceptional weather conditions such as strong winds, installations are typically completed within six weeks of the initial survey. You can see the steps to getting a canopy installed here.


Installing your plastic canopy

Our installers are highly skilled at their jobs and will work hard to get your plastic canopy up in an efficient, timely manner. Some projects take just half a day, while others can take a couple of days depending on the size.

Rest assured that our team know exactly what they’re doing and will take good care of your property, always cleaning up thoroughly after themselves. Commenting on the quality of our workmen, Mrs Berrington of Widnes said:

“From the moment they arrived until the moment they left, they worked non-stop to a very high standard. Nothing appeared to be too much trouble and they were a great help in many small ways.”

Mr and Mrs Bacon also praised how clean and efficient our team are, noting how they did a super, professional job, cleaning up as they went along.

You don’t even need to be at home when we work, although we do recommend that you are, just in case we need access to certain areas of the property and for your own peace of mind.


Enjoying your new plastic canopy

With your installation complete in a short time, you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of your new plastic canopy or carport sooner than you think.

Mr and Mrs Maddock were very impressed with how the whole project was completed from start to finish within a six-week time frame. Happy with every stage of the process and the professionalism of all the contact they had with Canopies UK, they said:

“We feel very satisfied with all our dealings with all of your staff we had the pleasure of dealing with, and would not hesitate in recommending anyone who wanted a canopy to you.”

Why not take a look at our range of plastic canopies for your home or garden now, and see how they can transform your property? Or go ahead and book a survey to see how we can enhance your property, with no obligation to buy. Alternatively, request a free brochure and browse our range of plastic canopy solutions.

Completed Education Canopy Installations in September

At Canopies UK, we’ve been hard at work carrying out our latest installations at a wide range of education facilities across the UK. We’ve been helping primary schools, secondary schools and colleges to maximise their outdoor space with our innovative canopy systems – see the results below.


Canopies in Yorkshire



Carlton Bolling College
Undercliffe Lane
Canopy type: Connekt


We helped Carlton Bolling College implement an outdoor dining area with the help of the Connekt canopy, which solves various challenges encountered by education facilities. Not only does it negate a requirement for a costlier building extension, it also helps students to benefit from the fresh air during mealtimes.



Kirkleatham Hall School
Kirkleatham Village
Redcar, Cleveland
TS10 4QR
Canopy type: Connekt


In Redcar, the Kirkleatham Hall School have ensured that their entranceway is kept clear, with the neatly-secured gutters allowing any collected rainfall to pass through the sides away from the system and into the existing drains.



Cottingham High School
Harland Way
HU16 5PX
Canopy type: Connekt


Our self-supporting Connekt canopy is ideal for providing a covering in limited space within an entrance area, with an absence of posts which can get in the way and potentially lead to accidents when children are running around.


Canopies in Telford, Shropshire



John Randal Primary
Queen Street
Madeley, Telford
Canopy type: Connekt


Thanks to the Connekt canopy’s space-saving design, playgrounds can be truly enhanced by providing shelter without creating an obstruction.


Canopies in East Sussex



Ninfield C of E Primary School
Church Lane
Ninfield, East Sussex
TN33 9JW
Canopy type: Connekt


The Connekt canopy can also be placed in the centre of a space rather than secured to a building, thereby maximising the outdoor space available for school children to enjoy.


Canopies in Oxford



St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School
Radley Road Abingdon
OX14 3PP
Canopy type: Connekt


As seen here at St Edmunds, the Connekt canopy can be designed in a range of colours to provide a functional yet attractive addition to your building. Our colour-matching service means you needn’t fear your extension looking obtrusive.


Canopies in Lancashire



Stonyhurst St. Mary’s Hall School
Canopy type: Connekt


Stonyhurst St. Mary’s implemented the Connekt canopy to great effect at the main entrance, with its sleek design offering a streamlined and understated frontage to this traditional building.



Belmont School
Ryecroft Lane
Canopy type: Connekt


Our installation at Belmont School is a great example of how to make the most of the corner of a building. The canopy was installed between two walls to really connect the space and create a cosy and contained area shielded from the elements.


Canopies in and Around London



Clapton Girls’ Academy
Laura Place
Lower Clapton, London
E5 0RB
Canopy type: Connekt


Here you can see how even a larger space can benefit from a canopy system, with an extended version of the Connekt canopy supplying an invaluable waiting area for outdoor activity.



Suffolks Primary School
Brick Lane
Enfield, Middlesex
Canopy type: Connekt


We helped another school facility make best use of their outdoor space for a range of purposes, with this Connekt system in a bright and cheery blue helping to marry the gap between the building and the playing field.



Dedworth Green First School
Smiths Lane
Canopy type: Connekt


Dedworth Green First School shows how a larger Connekt system can bring a whole new world of possibilities to the outdoor area, with the potential for covered outdoor learning and uninterrupted play during any season.



St Andrew’s High School
Warrington Road
Canopy type: Connekt


This Croydon secondary school have made optimal use of the Connekt canopy as a walkway area. The Melinex gel-coated roof allows the area to retain natural light in a safe manner, with 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays prevented from entering.



Hermitage Primary School
Belmont Road
Uxbridge, Middlesex
Canopy type: Connekt


Primary schools can implement the Connekt canopy to make the best of outdoor storage, with the various available widths allowing for all manner of furniture and equipment to be kept at the exterior of the building while staying dry.


Canopies in Hertfordshire



Breachwood Green JMI School
Oxford Road
Breachwood Green, Hertfordshire
Canopy type: Connekt


The rainwater gutters on the Connekt canopy ensure that commonly-used access areas are kept safe and free of the danger of potential slippages. They can also be produced in a multicoloured design to make a standout feature of the system itself!


Canopies in Birmingham



Highclare School
10 Sutton Road
Erdington, Birmingham
B23 6QL
Canopy type: Connekt


Highclare School have discovered how a roof made from Glass Reinforced Polyester can keep windowed areas light and, when placed near a front entryway, offer a vital solution to parents waiting in bad weather or children queueing for classes.


Canopies in Wales



Colcot School
9 Florence Avenue
Barry, Vale of Glamorgan
CF62 9XH
Canopy type: Olympus


Over in Barry, we helped one school install a walkway area which doesn’t feel overwhelming, with the curved design opening up the roofed space and the transparent glazing keeping it light.



If you’d like to enquire about having a canopy installed on your building, you can request a free brochure to be sent out to you. We also offer free surveys with no obligation to buy, which you can book here.

School Funding: Could You be Getting Extra Budget for your Education Projects?

With the new academic year comes the consideration of school funding for various essentials, from materials and meals to teaching costs and training, building work to maintenance and more. Recent cuts in school funding have been well documented and so it pays to know where to go for financial assistance. Read on to find out more about how to source funding for your school.


What is School Funding?

Headteachers have difficult jobs. Not only do they have to manage their school to make sure it is running efficiently, but they must also look to balance the books and ensure that children are given the best start in life. Children are our future and a top-quality education can inspire them to reach their potential. It could take them on the path to finding a cure for a medical condition, making a major discovery or becoming the next sporting prodigy to win gold at the Olympic Games. Some areas of education are being promised extra funding in the next few years but will this be enough? Are there other things we can do to provide a better tomorrow for our children today?


School Funding Crisis

The extreme measures schools are resorting to in order to cope with decreased school funding have been covered in detail this year. These include break times being reduced, subjects dropped, staff levels cut, and parents asked for donations. Some schools have even had to go as far as asking children to help with cleaning. However, with the announcement of the new School Funding Formula came hope that things would start to change.


What is the School Funding Formula?

The Department for Education recently proposed a new method of allocating budgets to English state-funded schools, which is set to come into place for the 2018/19 school year. This first year will be treated as a transitional period, with the changes implemented entirely for 2019/20. The aim is to make the entire process fairer and more transparent across the board, so that all children with the same needs will receive the same level of monetary support. The overall national budget, known as the Dedicated Schools Grant, is £40 billion, with £32 billion going to schools and the rest to early years provision and extra support for young people with high needs.


How is School Funding Distributed?

The government has previously allocated funding to local authorities by looking at how much has historically been spent by each authority. This has been the main cause of huge disparities in the funding received by different local authorities. The new system is expected to distribute funds more evenly according to pupil numbers, taking into account differing teaching costs among the age groups and varying subject costs, as well as higher costs of operation in certain areas such as London.


School Funding for Students with Disabilities

It can require a lot of extra resources providing for students with specific requirements. It is therefore imperative to give those children and their families the support and local amenities for them to experience a better-quality education, life and environment. Students with disabilities may require funding from an entirely different organisation, so a completely different application process may apply. There are a range of considerations to be made including transport, learning support and more.

Where Does School Funding Come From?

If you want to make improvements to your facilities but are finding it a struggle to get the necessary funding required, then there are a number of initiatives that the charitable arm of your school, such as the PTA, could apply to. This could help provide extra monies for initiatives you would like to put in place, or for facilities that have a direct impact on both the school and the wider community.

We have provided an overview of some organisations that may be able to provide funding to help free up capital elsewhere to improve the education and facilities available to all people, from all backgrounds of life.

Foyle Foundation
The Foyle Foundation is an independent grant-making trust that supports organisations and charities whose core works includes arts and learning. Small projects that cannot be undertaken through statutory or other funding can apply, but must demonstrate this in the application. Schools dedicated to Special Educational Needs could also be supported through this scheme. Grants range between £3,000 and £10,000.


The Robertson Trust
This independent grant-making trust based in Scotland provides funding for a wide range of charitable initiatives, all of which have a direct impact on Scotland. Looks to provide grants for community-based activities to increase opportunities in education, nurture talent and develop positive life skills.


Allchurches Trust
Registered charity with aims to promote the Christian religion. Whilst in the main it is supportive of organisations such as churches and religious charities, it also provides grants to charities preserving UK heritage.


ACT Foundation
The ACT Foundation provides grants to individuals and other charities with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of people in need, especially those with mental and physical disabilities. Grants can be awarded for building purposes and modifications to schools.


Awards for All
Awards for All is a lottery grants programme that funds small, community-based projects across the UK.


Inspired Facilities
Inspired Facilities comes from Sport England and is a programme that helps fund the renovation and modernisation of local sports facilities. This is for projects that can demonstrate a need for the community and that will encourage more people to get involved in sport, or keep participants playing sport.


Baily Thomas Charitable Fund
Fund aimed at helping children with learning disabilities. Grants are provided to aid people researching learning difficulties and to those who offer care and relief to people with learning difficulties. Grants can be awarded from £250+.


The Wolfson Foundation
The Wolfson Foundation awards grants to promote excellence in a number of fields, including education, with a particular focus on science, medicine, arts, humanities, health and disability. The fund helps to provide help for refurbishment or the development of new learning facilities.


Esmee Fairburn Foundation
The foundation awards grants towards organisations aiming to help improve the quality of life throughout the UK.


Wooden Spoon
Wooden Spoon helps disadvantaged children and young people. Funding is available for specialist playgrounds, sport activity areas and community-based programmes.


If you require more information about adding benefit to your school building with an education canopy, then get in touch with Canopies UK today to request a free no-obligation survey of your building. You can also request a free brochure to browse our range of outdoor canopy solutions.

School Canopies in London, Kent and Worcester

Canopies UK have recently completed projects on schools which all required outdoor shelter to solve their needs. Our education canopies provide a range of benefits for both curriculum and recreation, while adhering to Ofsted guidance regarding the advantages of the outdoors to the learning environment. Read more on how we helped these three schools in London, Kent and Worcestershire.




Community Corner Pre-School
Within St Anne’s Primary School
Wyre Hall
DY12 2UQ


The self-supporting Connekt canopy is ideal for a small space which could be enhanced by respite from the rain, without the bulk of pillars or posts taking up extra room. Community Corner Pre-School make perfect use of the compact design in their play area, in cheery primary colours which brighten the space.




Fleetdown Primary School
Lunedale Road


Another great use for the Connekt canopy is an entrance area for queueing and taking refuge from the elements, with shelter for extra storage to keep apparatus and other materials dry. Fleetdown Primary School were able to match the colour seamlessly to their building, with the space kept as clear as it was before with the cantilevered design.




Woodgrange Infants School
Sebert Road
Forest Gate
E7 0NJ


Our Connekt canopy is available in a range of widths, with the larger versions providing ample space for pupils to take shelter during break times. Woodgrange Infants School made the most of this newfound space by decorating with planter boxes, while the school still receives sufficient light with the glass-reinforced polyester, which allows sunlight to continue streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.


If you’d like to find out more about what our school canopies can do for you then you can request a free brochure to be sent out to you. You can also book an appointment for a free survey with no obligation.


The Decline of the Front Garden: Four Tips for Optimising Outdoor Space

Studies have shown that front gardens have rapidly declined over the last few decades, with paved driveways taking their place and 4.5 million houses now lacking any type of plant life to the front. So what does this mean for home design – and how can we make the most of our properties’ exteriors?

Outdoor canopies are a wonderful way to add both practical and visual appeal, allowing you to maximise the space you have. Read our tips on how to make the best of your home as the decrease in foliage-filled fronts threatens our enjoyment of being outside.


Make the Most of Your Driveway

With the rise of car owners and multiple-vehicle households over the last few decades, homes have been adapted to provide a space for their vehicle(s) at the front of the home rather than this space being used for leisure or plant life.

According to a report by the RAC, cars spend 80% of the time parked at home. Of course, off-street parking also adds value to properties, so that space is a valuable commodity. A carport canopy ensures that vehicles are protected from the elements and also shelters drivers/passengers as they enter and leave the car.


Make the Back Garden Your Haven

Only 10% of people surveyed by the Royal Horticultural Society said they would be interested in growing a garden at the front of the house, with no time to tend to two gardens.

In this modern world of diminished leisure time, a desire for privacy from our neighbours and the use of the front for cars and numerous recycling bins, gardens are more often than not focused at the back of the house. This makes patio canopies ideal for ensuring that space can be enjoyed in all conditions, whether gardening or entertaining.

Garden canopies give you the shelter to be able to dine al fresco, have friends and family over or let the kids play in the fresh air, without the threat of rain or danger of sun exposure getting in the way.


Restore Aesthetic Appeal to the Front

With no garden at the front, homes are going from greener to greyer and become plainer to look at. Just a few decades ago, the front garden was the advertisement for your home, a flourishing frontage which homeowners took pride in maintaining to ‘keep up with the Joneses’.

A door canopy can improve the home’s façade, with a range of designs to suit your taste and give the neighbours something to admire again. Not only that, but without the protection from the elements provided by trees and hedges buffering from the wind, door canopies provide shelter as you come and go.

Patios also carry more risk of flooding and slippage at the front of the home without lawned areas to help soak up rainwater. A canopy helps to keep the area around the front door drier when going to and from the house.


Save the Planet with Plants

The Royal Horticultural Society found that one in three front gardens had no plants growing in them. Less plant life means an increased hazard of dangerous temperatures in built-up areas; cement absorbs much more heat than plants, which in turn contributes to heat stress and fire-related smog.

Trees and taller plants carry the more obvious benefit of providing shade from sunlight, but all plants have cooling properties (here’s the science bit) via evapotranspiration. They also promote biodiversity – providing habitats for animal and insect wildlife to prevent them from dying out, while allowing them to contribute to our environment and economy, such as with the pollination of 75% of our food from bees.

Lastly, gardening has proven to be good for our health and wellbeing. So even if you don’t have room for larger vegetation, how about getting creative? You could place climbing plants along your fence or on a trellis on the front of the house, use pots, climbers or hanging baskets, or place smaller plants along gaps in between paved flags on your driveway.


Want to make the most of your own garden space? Request a free brochure to find out how a canopy could enhance your outdoor area.

The Benefits of Owning a Patio Canopy

As the official start of summer kicks off with the longest day of the year, our thoughts inevitably turn to our gardens. Could this be a season of blissful afternoons spent on the patio and evening barbecues shared with friends?

What better way to spend a weekend than inviting loved ones over for a get-together, wiling away the hours outside enjoying their company and conversation over delicious food and a cold drink?

With the UK’s tendency for unpredictable seasons, there’s one addition to your home that can weather-proof your parties – a patio canopy.


Providing Shelter and Shade

Lots of homes have a patio or terrace area outside, providing a great outdoor extension to the living and social area of a house. They’re perfect for the summer months, whether it’s breakfast outside, a mid-afternoon break from gardening, or evening drinks in the setting sun.

But a patio area without any kind of shelter or shade is exposed to the elements, and we all know what the British summertime can often be like. If there isn’t scorching hot sunshine, there’s likely to be sudden downpours.

canopy for your patio can be just the solution to provide that extra bit of protection for your outdoor space. It offers a useful cover which you can retreat under if the weather turns too wet or too hot, and gives you an extra outdoor area to store garden furniture without worrying about the rain.


Encourage Your Children (or Grandchildren) to Spend Time Outdoors

A patio canopy can help to persuade your children or grandchildren to play out in the garden, rather than sitting in front of the TV, using smartphones or playing video games. A study recently found that 74% of UK children spend less than 60 minutes playing outside each day. Astonishingly, this equates to less time outdoors than prison inmates. This means that children are missing out on vital benefits of outdoor play, such as physical fitness, intellectual stimulation and social skills. The negative impacts of increased time indoors for children of the modern world include increased anxiety, risk of phobias and being prone to fear, a rise in cases of ADHD, obesity and even rickets. As well as reduced physical and mental advantages of outdoor play, less time in natural sunlight means a reduced amount of vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

The study also found that children spend twice as long playing on screens as playing outside. It has been shown that extensive amounts of screen time delay cognitive development in children, which harms their capacity for concentration and their communication skills. This can harm their ability to make friends and puts them out of touch with the real world.


Protection from the Sun

Patio canopies can also offer you and your family some much-needed protection from the sun when it gets too powerful over the summer. For example, our patio canopies are all coated with Melinex gel, which allows natural light to permeate through the shelter but filters out those harmful UV rays.

This means that children can play underneath the canopy and be protected from the sun – reassuring for parents and grandparents who worry about too much exposure. Our gel-coated systems also prevent garden furniture and fabrics from fading in the harsh sunlight.


Free from Obstructions

All of our canopies use a cantilevered design system, which means you’ll get the maximum benefit from shade and shelter without any obstructions on your patio or garden terrace.

The canopies are entirely self-supporting, which eliminates the need for any large pillars or posts to hold up the roof. Not only does this mean you’ll retain the same amount of space outside, it also ensures there’s nothing for children to bump into or fall over when they’re playing in the garden.


Flexible Size and Design

This cantilever construction also means that the patio canopy can be fitted to the side of your house in exactly the size and design you’d like. Each canopy is bespoke to your individual needs, meaning you can customise it to your home with a variety of styles and colours.

If you wanted a walkway around the side of your house to offer additional shelter from your back door to your utility room or garage, for example, a canopy could easily be designed to run continuously around the side of your home.

Want to make the most of your own outdoor space all year round?

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