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3 reasons why you should include a canopy in your home renovation

Adding a door canopy, carport or patio canopy to your property is a vital consideration when undertaking any home renovation project. They are a worthwhile investment, protecting your property from adverse weather conditions which could otherwise cause extensive and problematic damages – especially during the winter months. Not to mention the facts that they also look great aesthetically, and can contribute towards an increase in the value of your home.

Below, we have outlined the three main reasons why adding a canopy should not be overlooked when carrying out your home renovation.

1) Extra building protection

Canopies not only serve to protect you from the elements whilst entering and leaving your property; they also protect the building itself from adverse weather such as rain, sleet and ice.

Windows and doors are the weakest point of any property, exposed glass panels in areas such as doors and patio doors are also vulnerable, and would benefit from the added protection of a canopy.

Walkway canopies also serve as an additional barrier to the sides of your home, reducing damage to exposed walls and plastering, and stopping any existing holes and cracks from worsening, or new ones from developing.

After the initial investment, you will more than likely find that adding a canopy saves you money in the longer term – especially if your home has any unusual outdoor features, decking or high-quality paving, large windows or exposed glass areas.

2) Make use of your outdoor space

Unfortunately, merely having a garden in the UK does not guarantee the use of outdoor space. Rainy weather often stops many of us from enjoying the great outdoors whilst relaxing at home – a patio canopy is the perfect solution to this.

Canopies for patios provide welcome protection against the elements, encouraging families to gather together in the fresh air, and provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to play in. Getting more use out of your garden will add so much more joy to your time spent at home. Our canopies have a Melinex gel coating which offers UV protection, blocking 90% of the suns harmful UV rays.

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3) Add value to your property

No matter which style of canopy you feel would suit your property best, the extra dimension of protection and additional outdoor space it provides will make your home a more desirable choice when you come to put it on the market, or encourage tenants to move in.

A cantilever carport is also a highly desirable addition to any home, as it allows air to circulate which helps moisture to dry rather than cling onto your car, caravan or motorhome overnight in the confines of a garage. They also keep you dry when getting in and out of your vehicle, and the post-free design means there is nothing to bump into when parking. This will automatically place your property above others on the list when being considered by car owners.

All Canopies UK systems are Safemark accredited, and all of our products have been rigorously tested against the elements to provide shelter from wind, rain, snow and harmful UV rays. Every system is bespoke and built to the highest standard, taking advantage of materials such as Glass Reinforced Polyester and galvanised metal, ensuring no additional maintenance once installation is complete.

Should you be considering the addition of a canopy to your home, or if you have any questions, please head to our FAQ page or contact us today for a free survey.

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